Offline 3D AOI

Product Description


offline 3d aoi

3D AOI, Automated Optical Inspection System

Solder, Damaged part & component, Lifted lead, Height, Distance between chips, Shift Tilt, High/Low volume, Rotation, Bridge, Tombstone, Reverse, OCV, Missing, Wrong chip, Pattern

■ Provides high speed and accurate inspection

■ Realize renovative work efficiency

■ Provides the latest tools for product quality control

■ Easy to manage SMT line (Integrated management system)

■ Customized economical SMT line management


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■ Advanced High Speed Inspection and Measurement Technology

  • Shadowless Phase Measuring Profilometry
  • High Speed Inspection Technology

■ High Component Inspection Technology

■ Shadow Free 3D Technology

■ Optical Character Recognition

■ 3D Solder & Height Measurement

■ 3D Lead Inspection

■ Tilt & Rotate Measurement

■ Ease of programming (Auto Teach Function)

offline 3D AOI SYSTEM