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The SE500-D™ Dual Lane 3-D SPI System takes solder paste inspection to the next level with its flexible conveyor setup design and large board capability comparable with major SMT suppliers. SE500-D™ combines innovative design with on-the-fly inspection technology using strobed white light to inspect even the most demanding assemblies at > 80 cm²/sec with zero compromise on measurement accuracy and repeatability.

With SE500-D™ you can maximize production utilization and transform your production process to achieve high quality solder joints through accurate volume measurement of solder paste deposits.

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  • Flexibility At Its Best

    The SE500-D™ features a smart conveyor design solution providing maximum flexibility to cater to varying PCB widths. This unique design gives you the convenience of inspecting different board sizes on different lanes or even switching from dual lane to single lane mode to inspect very large boards.

    With SE500-D™, you can also inspect different programs on different lanes as well as perform synchronous or asynchronous inspection.

  • Large Board Capability

    SE500-D™ supports a wide range of PCB sizes to help you inspect small and large boards with ease. Its board handling capability is specially designed to match leading upstream and downstream SMT suppliers’ specifications.

  • Distinct Sensing Technology

    The SE500-D™ leverages CyberOptics’ core sensing technology to provide a calibration-free sensor design with no machine-to-machine variation.

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