SLM100 Series

Product Description



Amazing LED Production System. The world’s first SLM100 Series LED mounter capable of realizing simultaneous pickup with one feeder. It provides an optimum LED production system.  

■ Simultaneous Pickup Solution with One Feeder (Patent Pending)

■ Placement Speed: Chip 43K CPH (Optimum Condition)

■ Applicable Parts: 0603(0201) – 32mm (Part Height H=8.5mm)

■ Applicable to Super-large Boards (LxW): Max 1,200mm x 356mm

■ Compact Size(LxD): 1,650mm x 1,200mm

■ Non-stop Recognition by Flying Vision System

■ Reinforced Convenience Function Dedicated to LED

■ Built-in Tape Cutter (Option)

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